Painted Miniatures

The following is an example e-commerce site.  The products and inventory are real and the Google Checkout process is live - if you order product, you will be charged and shipped product.

This site was created using Google's Spreadsheet and Checkout Gadget.  In the spreadsheet I simply placed information regarding the product description, quantity, and price.  The gadget does the job of displaying the page and dealing with the shopping cart.  All modifications to the spreadsheet are instantaneous and I now have a viable on-line e-commerce system.

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  Utilizing the full blown Google Checkout product would allow for greater control.  As the gadget is designed for simplified utilization and control, one needs to provide the customer with some pre-defined product groupings.

For example, if I wanted to display the e-commerce site by brand - let's say Reaper Miniatures - I would need to create a separate spreadsheet for each webpage and then provide a side link to that new page.  The shopping cart is linked through your Merchant ID and allows product picking from multiple spreadsheets / webpages.


Reaper Miniatures

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