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Google Apps Integration

Google Apps can have programs which integrate directly with mail, calendar, documents, etc. and may utilize your Google login identification.

Some of the applications run off of independent servers and are located in the Google Marketplace -
Other applications utilize the Google App Engine and the website for all developed applications is -

Gadgets which integrate with a Google spreadsheet to visualize data are called visualization gadgets and have their own webpage -

Some of the more interesting and potentially useful applications which integrate directly into Google's Apps:

A Place For Everything - - an awesome application that's part Getting Things Done and part Google Apps integration.  It uses the Google App Engine to categorize your stuff.  The basic concept is that you get an electronic storage card for everything - each card has a unique serial number.  You place the serial number on stuff and enter into the database identifying information.  Integration with e-mail sends you notifications when it's time to do something with the stuff, the serial number, and the location.  This is a great way to clean your desk, not worry that you'll lose anything, and yet you don't have to organize anything beyond putting it into a box in serial number order.  Additional, the stuff doesn't have to be physical - it can be thoughts as well.  Only drawback is that it could use the Google Apps user id for login.  Additionally, the program is relatively new (in beta) - so there's little screen glitches that have to do with the look and feel.

Appointy - very cool scheduling system for a company's employees and services with some limited connectivity back into Google mail for picking up customers and employee's Google calendars for scheduled appointments.  Schedule an appointment today!


Birthdays - provides birthday integration between your Google mail and calendar - the application takes the birthdays in your contact list and generates a good looking birthday tag in the calendar.  (note - as of September 2009 - google has an automatic calendar integration into the dates in your contacts - it generates these as all day events - the Birthdays app does create a nice looking gift box icon, but otherwise doesn't have any better functionality).

Cafe Survey - provides the ability to generate surveys.

Cordys Process Factory - gives the ability to build serious business and workflow situational applications utilizing Google's Apps as the foundation - utilized for structuring repetitive collaboration - such as processing an expense claim.

EZasset - - an asset management system that is integrated into Google's apps for importing/exporting data - has an individual version for home inventory and a business version to include maintenance.

Gantt Chart - gives the ability to utilize a Google Docs spreadsheet and generate a gantt chart - there's a bit of work to do it, but one can easily setup a template to use over and over again and there's a great video on their website showing the step by step process.  Note that this is a subset of a much bigger application called Viewpath.

gDays - for those that prefer a client interface instead of a web browser - the client interface is rough around the edges but does have some nice calendaring features - links with e-mail and documents as well - nice drag and drop features for pushing local documents to Google docs.

gStepOne - simplified business process workflow which integrates completely into Google Apps to utilize all your docs and videos - end result is a gWizard that users must follow to accomplish the task the way it should be done.  gStepOne is the "light" version of Workscript Pro.

GDNote - for those that utilize Microsoft's OneNote application - essentially a matrix approach to taking notes - the gdnote application provides the ability to access your docs through a matrix interface - this is a great way to organize thoughts and retrieve information.

GMailingList - - a great application for companies and organizations to generate a mailing list whereby the user subscribes - basic concept is to put a subscribe button on your website - the application then adds the subscriber's e-mail address directly into your Google mail contacts within a designated group - then e-mail the group whenever there is an important message.

heap - a customer relationship management system with bi-directional integration into Google's contacts and direct use of docs - surprisingly there's currently no integration into calendar.

Manymoon -  Manymoon is a social productivity application that makes it simple to securely share information. By using Manymoon you can avoid the chaos of email and better communicate with the people you work with.  Looks to be good as a light project, business management tool, and collaboration tool with good linkage back into Google's docs, calendar, and mail.

Panorama Pivot Tables - provides an interactive table for Google's spreadsheet app that allows for analysis and insight into the meaning of the spreadsheet's data.

ProjectGoo - integrates Microsoft Project with Google's Apps in order to share information and assign tasks into individual's calendars.

Socialwok - - awesome integration into Google Apps - Socialwok is a threaded media status wrapper around your Apps domain - essentially the equivalent of having your own personal facebook tied to your domain - threaded discussions are called feeds and a feed can be based around any topic desired - such as by department, subject matter, etc.  Users within the domain can search and follow feeds or generate new feeds for others to follow.  Within each feed's threaded discussions is the ability to attach documents from any of the Apps suite as well as other documents such as pdf's and links to videos.  A feed can be published through twitter, facebook, friendfeed, or linkedin making this a boon to those in the sales and marketing group.  Additionally, a feed can be shared with an outside mail address in order to bring into the discussion third party resources such as a customer, vendor, or contractor.  December 2009 update adds private messaging within a feed, access to Socialwok from within your gmail through a gmail gadget, ability to send an e-mail to a feed and a feed to google talk's instant messaging, and best of all is a mobile web version for your Android phone.

SOHO Scheduler - - a very simplistic scheduling system - latest version is 0.8 - currently in alpha status (and it has application crashes) - allows the user to design a client entry form and a schedule form - both for basic input.  The client entry form will most likely not be needed as the user will integrate with the imported data from google mail - that will be the primary source - details added in google mail will appear in the contact link (note that there isn't a way to edit this imported data or send it back to google mail from the application).  The schedule is extremely basic - essentially an electronic version of a piece of paper - each piece of data is independent - therefore there's no interaction among the data to inform about the overbooking of a resource.  Bottom line - extremely simplistic - better to use Appointy or SuperSaas or just use the calendar system built into your google account.

SuperSaas - scheduling system with a great amount of flexibility to handle complex scheduling such as many to one (example - yoga class) - has two way integration into Google's calendar - interface is not as slick as Appointy nor ease of setup - but offers more abilities and has an API for further third party integration.

Timedriver - a customer self service tool integrated into your Google Calendar - provides a web based appointment calendar where the customer can only select from unscheduled blocks of time which are predefined.  The information is then transferred into your Google Calendar.

Taskless - provides a sticky note desktop in a browser for those that can't get rid of all those sticky notes on their computer monitor (and desk, chair, wall, etc.).  Utilizing the coding of "date:" the sticky note will integrate with Google Calendar and place the information within the sticky note directly into your calendar.

Tungle - provides an intermediary interface between your calendar and everyone else - essentially the concept is that everyone's calendar talks to Tungle and then Tungle updates everyone's calendar through direct integration.  Good application for sales people that schedule appointments with lots of people outside their company.

Zoho - - provides a tremendous amount of cloud computing which is accessible via your gmail or google maps login id - zoho mail, writer, sheet, show, docs, chat, and calendar look to me to be a re-packaged version of google apps - in addition, there's a task list called planner, there's a nice replica of Microsoft's OneNote called notebook; a human resource application called people; a projects application with integrated planning, wiki, calendar, chat, notes, document storage, etc.; a customer relationship management application called crm; as well as several other applications as well as a complete in the cloud database/development environment.  However, with all this good stuff going for it, the integration among Zoho's own apps is terrible to non-existent - what would be the killer opportunity is surprisingly missing - for example, if I'm a business manager using Zoho, I would have to check five different calendars (calendar, planner, crm, project and potentially people) to see what's going on.  Likewise, contact information across mail, people, crm, project, etc. is non-existent.  Oh what could be! - but it looks like each Zoho product is independently being developed with no regards to in-house integration among applications.  What needs to be done here is the entire concept scrapped and rebuilt from scratch basing everything around their core applications of mail, writer, sheet, show, docs, chat, and calendar with hr, crm, and projects being extensions on the base.

Send a comment regarding any of the above applications or to suggest one not listed.