Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life

Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life provides a number of interesting lessons and insights into personal development for your staff.  Rick is available to lead a small team discussion - excellent for small business teams looking to energize their personal development.  Receive a free pdf of Rick's complete analysis - put Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life in the subject line.

Author: Larry Winget

Very interesting book from the author who considers himself the pitbull of personal development. The book is written in a confrontational style in an attempt to get the reader to think. 

A continual theme throughout the book is that the truth hurts - it's tough - we all know what we should do, but it requires effort or takes us out of our comfort zone - however, if we follow that path we will move towards our true purpose in life.

Success is achieved through service and taking on personal responsibility.


* stop talking and listen - really listen to others - listen to family and build relationships - listen to your customers as they'll tell you how to succeed and serve them well - listen to experts and ask for their help - listen to great music that relaxes and inspires - listen to your higher self, your conscience, God.

* don't listen to people who talk bad about others, office gossip, others who talk down to you for any reason at any time, or yourself when you're talking down / negative self-talk.


* stop whining - take responsibility for yourself, your actions, your life - example for me: people are fat because they eat too much. period. overeating and no exercise is my fault and not the food services business ie - McDonald's, etc.

* stuff happens - it's what makes life interesting - take responsibility, clean your mess, fix your problem, commit to do better.

* whining prolongs the problem - cannot focus on fixing the problem when whining - make a plan instead - a plan energizes your actions - focused on the solution - that's when life moves forward.


* you happen to life

* life begins at the end of your comfort zone - taken from conversations with God - book 3 - Neale Donald Walsch

* you are always able to still do more - are you willing? - the world is made up of the wills and the will nots - be a will!

* your life is the way it is because you have not been willing to do what it takes to make it different.

* want only matters if you want enough to be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve the desired results

* excuses give you a way to keep from accepting responsibility - excuses point the finger of blame away from yourself - reasons force you to point the finger of blame in the direction it should be pointed - yourself

* three reasons people are not successful: stupidity, laziness, don't care attitude
*** stupidity - you should be reading, listening, and learning more every day
*** laziness - implementation of knowledge is power - it is what you do with what you know that matters - takes effort
*** don't care attitude - the ultimate insult to yourself and your family


* what you think about, talk about, and do something about is what comes about - in other words any problem can boil down to how you think, what you say, and your actions - therefore... create thoughts, create words, create action and the world belongs to you

* limited thinking produces limited results - limited thinking comes from a limited view of who you are - expand your vision of who you are then you will think in bigger ways, express yourself differently, and act differently

* call yourself something and you will become that something - what you say programs what happens - words attract to you either the life you want or the life you do not want - proclaim what you want

* affirmations are powerful - however they need to be followed up with the "do" side of the equation

* actions are the result of your thoughts and beliefs - if you don't like, then simply change - if you want something different you have to change the way you do things

* "As long as you keep on doing what you've been doing then you are gong to keep on getting what you've been getting. If you don't like what you've been getting then you've got to change what you've been doing" - Zig Ziglar

* change the way you think, talk, friends, places, reading material, food, television

* "If you want something you have never had, you have to do something you have never done." - Mike Murdock

* live by Yoda's words - "There is no try. There is only do or do not do." - trying is an excuse, a way out - give up trying

* everything you think, everything you say, and everything you do matters - it moves you one direction or the other - every word matters - every action matters

** when you stop letting things slide and start taking advantage of every moment then amazing things happen - the little stuff matters the most

* you do not get what you want until you know what you want - focus on the action steps necessary

* the life you want comes at a price - everything comes at a price and nothing is free - ie: fit and trim price is decreased calories and increased exercise - the reality of life is that you will pay a price one way or the other - one gives you what you want and the other does not and manifests itself in misery, unhealthiness, and brokenness

Rick has further analysis on personal attitude, personal belief system, enjoying your life, education, stress, relaxation, finances, relationships and more.  Receive a free pdf of Rick's complete analysis - put Shut Up, Stop Whining, & Get a Life in the subject line.