Raving Fans

Raving Fans provides a number of interesting lessons and insights into generating raving fans for your business.  Rick is available to lead a small team discussion - excellent for small business teams looking to energize their customer relationships.  Receive a free pdf of Rick's complete analysis - put Raving Fans in the subject line.

Authors: Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles

Simply a great book that gets it's message across using a simple story that can be read in a single night. The message is clear - customer satisfaction simply isn't good enough (there's no customer "ownership") - a dedication to creating raving fans will propel your business to the top.

* successful organizations have one common central focus: customers - success comes to those who are obsessed with looking after customers as goods aren't sold - products and services are bought.

* all good customer service is a result of a system - systems are beautiful - they guarantee consistency - systems set the guidelines - systems achieve a result - they need proper training to implement

* however, negative systems are bad - what is the cost of offending / alienating / abusing customers - example given was dressing room limits to stop the one thief offends everyone else who wants a better customer experience

* common theme in all stories - all staff had nametags - creates identification with the customer - more personable one on one - created a greeting that put forward a great first impression - a symbolic hug

* another theme is all employees are empowered (given the initiative) to provide the best customer service - they go beyond the system - even if that means purchasing a competitor's product for the customer - not only does this level of service impress the customer, but it also keeps the customer in your company's business (story was literally, but could also be figuratively) - grade employees on customer service - tie raises and promotions to customer service

* it's the little things that make doing business more comfortable or convenient that impress customers - examples given are play areas for children with supervisors, clean washrooms

* make the customer experience such that is makes it easy to buy your product or service

* provide a method of customer self service when appropriate

* track customer selections over time to provide suggested future purchases - sell more products or services by servicing

* customer defined: everyone touched by the product or service

* customer service defined: looking after every whim of the customer within the window you've defined in your vision as your particular customer service product

Rick has further analysis on each what your customers say (and don't say), business attitude, achieving change, and the three secrets to generating raving fans.  Receive a free pdf of Rick's complete analysis - put Raving Fans in the subject line.