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2010/04/30 - Google Mail and Apps Administration Enhanced

posted Oct 29, 2010, 4:14 PM by Rick Anderson
Google has been add it again providing additional updates to Google Mail as well as making it easier to administrate Google Apps.

Google Mail Updates Allow Drag & Drop and Inserting a Calendar Invitation

Google Chrome users rejoice!  When using Google Chrome and Google Mail, simply drag the file you want to send into the mail compose window and it will upload as an attachment.  Cool!  Also works with multiple files - awesome!

Additionally, there's now a new link in the compose mail window titled Insert Invitation.  Allows the user to see a dialog box that displays your availability as well as the availability of everyone addressed in the e-mail (as long as you have permission to see their calendar).  Sending the message adds the event to your calendar and the calendar of those addressed in the e-mail.

User Logout Ability

Now Google Apps admins can reset the sign-in cookies for any user from the Google Apps control panel. This will log out a user from all current browser sessions and require new authentication the next time that user tries to initiate an browser session to log in to Google Apps.

Admins can do this by going into the Google Apps control panel, click the Users and groups tab, then click the user's name.  In the Password section, click Reset sign-in cookies.

More Access Control for Viewers in Google Sites

Site owners now have the option to allow viewers of a site to also see (a) site activity and (b) site revisions.  This gives a bit more control to site owners in that both of these can be set to all viewers or collaborators only.

The resultant is a link at the bottom of each page in the website:

Site Activity - link is Recent Site Activity which displays a time-line listing of all updates to any page within the website.  

Site Revisions - link is Revision History which displays a time-line listing of all the revisions to that single page the viewer is reading.

Access to these controls is located from the More actions drop-down menu - then select Manage site, then General and at the bottom of the page is the Access Settings section.  Each setting has a drop down selector to choose all viewers or collaborators only.

By default the site activity is all and the site revisions is collaborators.

Summary Email of Form Responses

When generating a form it's possible to collect respondent's Domain username.  When setup in this manner the form knows the users e-mail address and now provides an option for the user to receive a summary of their responses in an e-mail.  At the bottom of the form, an enable/disable the checkbox to Send me a copy of my responses is made available to the user.