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2010/03/10 - Google Apps Marketplace Launched

posted Oct 29, 2010, 10:16 AM by Rick Anderson   [ updated Oct 29, 2010, 10:43 AM ]
Following upon the likeness of the Android Market for Android based phones, the Google Apps Marketplace has been launched by Google.  This has actually been around for awhile, but as of today it's not only a website, but now it's tightly integrated into the system administrators control panel:

Access Marketplace from your administrator control panel by clicking on 'Add more services' to see the option to shop the Marketplace.

To add an application from the Marketplace:
1) Click "Add it now"
2) Agree to the vendor's Terms of Service
3) Grant access to the data that the app is requesting (some apps require data access, some don' only grant access to apps you trust)
4) Turn it on

The updated website is quite a bit better in its information - each product has a webpage with an image, potentially a video, description, user reviews, and a specifications section.  The specifications are important as it describes how the product integrates with Google Apps.

Of course, I will continue to document and highlight the best integrated apps on my Google Apps Integration page.  What I'm looking for is not just utilization of the login, but deep utilization of the Google App products as the foundation.  In other words, a good integrated app utilizes Google Mail/Contacts for e-mail and hosting contact information; Google Calendar for dates and scheduling; Google Documents for writing, spreadsheets, and charts; Google App Engine for database, Google Picasa for pictures; and Google Sites for web page building.