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2009/12/16 - Facebook, Twitter, Mippin, Oh My

posted Dec 16, 2009, 10:23 AM by Rick Anderson
Sounding like the Wizard of Oz - it's easy for everyone to follow the yellow brick road as described by Zingodia Systems.  Whatever your favorite method of news, it's easy to keep in touch with all the latest information regarding Google Apps, Android mobile, business process change, project management, technology, gadgets, widgets and more.

Cloudprofile - to see the latest news and information, point your browser to

Facebook - if you're a facebook junkie - then be a friend of Zingodia Systems at

Mippin - have a mobile phone that can surf the web - then get a mobile friendly version of all our announcements at

RSS - if using an RSS reader is your daily electronic paper - then point it to

Twitter - if you can't get enough tweets, then follow along at