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2009/12/15 - New Mark Unread From Here Feature in Gmail

posted Dec 15, 2009, 2:35 PM by Rick Anderson
Don't walk - run to your computer - log into your gmail account - go to the labs setting and find the new feature called "Mark unread from here".  One of Gmail's best features is it's conversation chains.  Conversation chains is the linking of mail together with the original mail and all the follow-up replies.  This is a brilliant paradigm shift in how to use mail as it keeps e-mail conversations together instead of scattered by time throughout your inbox.  When I teach users how to use Google's mail, I liken each e-mail to an index card and Google puts all the appropriate index cards together.

Sometimes, a conversation thread can get rather long and there isn't enough time to go through all the cards.  Previously there was only two options - (a) leave all the cards marked as unread or (b) leave all the cards marked as read - either way, the reading point in the conversation was lost.  With the new labs setting it is now possible to select the option of Mark unread from here - meaning that whichever card you apply the option, the previous cards will be marked as read and the remaining cards will be marked as unread.  Next time the conversation is opened, the first unread card is opened and presented for reading!