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2009/12/15 - Easy Comments 2 Update for Google Sites

posted Dec 15, 2009, 3:16 PM by Rick Anderson   [ updated Dec 15, 2009, 4:22 PM ]
Rick's been working directly with EC-Gadgets in upgrading Easy Comments 2 to be more robust in it's delivery mechanism.  Previously the gadget worked by linking your website url to its database - the potential flaw with this is that a Google Sites website has a private url (user logged in) and a public url (non-user - just a viewer off the world wide web).  Additionally, some pages, such as announcements fold into a single page which has a different url than the original post.  In these cases, the posts were getting lost to the url of the original posting (ie - a private user couldn't see a public post, etc.).

The new gadget has a identifier thread that can be whatever desired - suggested is the url, but I like to put in the data and the time as a single string - such as 2009-12-15-0620PM.  This identifier is unique to the comment box so that the same information can be posted regardless of the website url.

The gadget can be found by searching for the easy comments 2 or by using the url -

The following example shows how the new gadget works - there are four comments postings - one was done from a private url on the announcement page, one was done from a public url on the announcement page, one was done from the private url on the summary blog posts page, one was done from the public url on the summary blog posts page.  All posts can be view and monitored from all pages - again, this was possible because I used an unique identifier of 2009-12-15-0620PM.