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2009/12/10 - Adding Comments on Google Sites

posted Dec 11, 2009, 2:09 AM by Rick Anderson   [ updated Dec 11, 2009, 3:05 AM ]
One of the key missing elements within the Google Sites application is the ability to add comments for those sites exposed to the world wide web.  Let's take a step back, the Google Sites product was originally an intranet product purchased by Google and eventually brought into the Google Apps suite.  It's powerful enough that it can function as an intranet, a wiki, and a world wide web page.  However, there's some initial roots of being an intranet product that are there still today - one of those is comments.  If used as an intranet product the ability to add comments and attachments are built into every page.  However, when used as a world wide web page, those elements are not exposed.

Google has an excellent product called Google Friend Connect which allows you to generate social connections within your web page - however, it surprisingly doesn't work with Sites (typically Google is very good about integrating across their family of products).  

To the rescue:

From Google - there is new exposure to some Google tools called Google Web Elements - using their Conversation Element and then pasting the html code through the Sites html editor will allow the entry of page comments - such as the example below:

Once added, the gadget properties can be manipulated just like any other gadget.

The current alternative is a third party gadget developed by EC-Gadgets - you can use the link provided below to Add Gadget by URL or search for "Easy Comments 2" in the gadget directory.

The resultant display is:

Easy Comments 2

Play around with both and see which one you like best!!