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2009/11/30 - LCC International Goes Google Apps

posted Nov 30, 2009, 11:40 AM by Rick Anderson   [ updated Nov 30, 2009, 11:51 AM ]
Google released another case study pouring on the number of case studies where companies have switched from a Microsoft dominated IT infrastructure to Google.  In this case LCC International, a 1,200 person company operating in 20 different countries, needed 10 IT admins to monitor and maintain their Microsoft Exchange and Sharepoint servers, infrastructure, help desk, etc.  The company conducted a pilot to assess the viability of moving to Google Apps - and this has to be my favorite quote...

"We conducted a pilot, and, to our surprise, everything was silent. We thought no one was using the Apps. But it turns out that people were doing fine and accessing Google’s training materials on their own when they had questions."

With the success of the pilot, they contracted with a Google Apps partner to help with the implementation and converted the company's Microsoft infrastructure over to Google Apps - e-mail, document management, and intranet.  Bottom line - a savings of 60% and freeing up the IT admins weekends was a personal bonus!

More information can be read at Google's blog.