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2009/11/04 - Expanded Options for Offline Gmail

posted Nov 6, 2009, 9:31 AM by Rick Anderson
Google announced that they have expanded the options for offline gmail to allow more control of how much e-mail is accessible when off-line.  This is a nice feature that lets the user control by label either all, a length of time (between 4 days to 5 years), or none.  Remember, inbox is nothing more than a label into your mail.  By default the label inbox and starred is set to all. Custom labels are set to 2 months.  Labels such as trash and spam are set to none.  Making the default look like:

Download all conversations labeled with:
  • Inbox and Starred
Download recent conversations labeled with:
  • Chats, Sent, Drafts, Custom Labels Here
  • Recent conversations without labels will be downloaded

Recent message range: