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2009/11/03 - Great Example of Team Collaboration

posted Nov 6, 2009, 9:02 AM by Rick Anderson
A Google employee recently blogged on using Google Sites and Docs to plan for a family Thanksgiving.  While this is for their personal/family use, it is a great example of what is essentially team collaboration.  Coordinating 20 people with their flights, meal preparation, and general information planning for a week on the beach is no different than what work teams need to do every day and utilizing Google Sites with Google Docs is a great way to get it done.

Challenge - providing assignments to tasks - in this case, assigning meal preparation 
Solution - use a list page (this is a web page template) to split up the cooking assignments by using three columns - meal, food, who's in charge

Challenge - arrival times and pickup from the airport
Solution - integrate a google spreadsheet into a web page along with a flight status gadget (insert - more gadgets - search for flight)

Challenge - keeping everyone informed as to the latest news
Solution - use an announcements page (this is a web page template) and then turn on RSS feed for newsreaders and use the recent announcements gadget to post those announcements on the home page of your site

Challenge - providing directions
Solution - use a google maps insert showing the location - each user can then put in their starting address for custom directions