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2009/10/09 - Sites Enhanced

posted Oct 9, 2009, 11:21 AM by Rick Anderson   [ updated Oct 9, 2009, 11:36 AM ]
Google's Sites received two enhancements - the ability to deliver RSS feeds and the ability to create individual page templates for use within the site.

RSS Feeds...

The announcement page type now has an RSS feed link which can be integrated into Google's personal iGoogle or Google's Reader.  Additionally, you can insert into your own reader by adding posts.xml to that end of the announcement page URL.

For example, to receive RSS feeds from this site - setup into your RSS reader.

Feeds are also available for site comments (if you are a member of the domain) by using the URL and adding comments.xml as well as site activity by adding the URL and adding activity.xml.  Using these last two options requires an RSS feed reader which supports authenticated feeds as you must be a member of the domain.

Page Templates...

There's a new option located in the More actions site drop down menu for a page template.  Creating a page template lets the admin define default content and settings that other collaborators can use when they create a new page - the create new page selection menu will show the new templates.  Obvious benefits are time savings and a consistent look across the site no matter who creates the page.  One additional note - the page template had to start off from a blank web page - in other words, if you start with an announcement page type, the option to create a page template will not appear.