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2009/09/03 - Today is Your Birthday

posted Sep 22, 2009, 11:28 PM by Rick Anderson
Well, it is my birthday and Google has announced two really cool features for the calendar program.  First is integration with the your contact's birthday field.  Google has a new calendar type called Contacts Birthdays - by selecting to display this calendar, the calendar utility goes through your contact list and displays the birthdays as a daily event (top of the day column).  Very nice and handy!  It's not as pretty as the Birthday program, nor does it have the zodiac information or age, but it's integrated in real time and you don't have to run an outside program on your data.

Second is the ability to display your favorite sports team calendar - by adding an "interesting calendar" and selecting the sports tab - you'll find all of your favorite teams from the minors to the pros (in football you will get the college teams).