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2009/08/21 - Google Introduces Ability to E-Mail a Task List

posted Sep 10, 2009, 12:19 PM by Rick Anderson
Google has integrated into it's mail function the ability to generate multiple task lists in a rather easy to use fashion.  What's been a bit ironic, is that up until today, you couldn't e-mail a task list even though the task list function was a "mini-app" within the mail application.

Now that's changed... simply select Email task list from the Actions menu and Google mail will open up a new message with the contents of the task list as your message!

What's interesting, is if you check off your tasks as completed instead of deleting (I delete) - you can then use the View completed tasks filter and then Email task list to send a list of completed tasks.  Unfortunately, the resulting mail doesn't show with a marking of completed task - something you need to add to the message.

More information is available from Google's blog.