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2009/08/18 - Google Integrates Google Groups With Google Docs for Document Sharing...

posted Aug 17, 2009, 10:56 PM by Rick Anderson
Google Groups is a great way for a club, community, organization or business to share discussions and announcements.  Membership to the Group is administrated within the Google Groups technology.  Now, Google Docs (document, spreadsheet, presentation) can utilize the power of Group membership through document sharing to the Group e-mail address.  

How it works - let's say that you have a book club with a dozen members and you want to share your book notes (which you've typed up in a Google Document) for everyone to review and edit.  Within the document share entry box you would normally have to enter in each of the members e-mail address and you would have to remember that Bob is no longer part of the club and that Sally just joined yesterday.  With Google Groups integration, you simply enter in the Group e-mail address.  This will do two things, (1) send an e-mail to everyone in the Group, and (2) when a member visits the book notes, Google Docs will check with Google Groups and give access if they are a current member.  That's pretty cool - self administration of your document share!

Also works with Calendar and Sites!

Key point - utilize a Google Group for membership and share your documents, calendars, and sites with the Google Group.