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2009/08/16 - Zingodia Systems Website Receives Facelift...

posted Aug 16, 2009, 12:31 AM by Rick Anderson
Showing off the versatility of the Google Sites technology, the Zingodia Systems website ( has had a complete facelift .  Built using the Google Sites technology, there is complete integration between various components of the backoffice tools.  Most compelling, there wasn't any coding necessary to achieve the integration and Google retains every revision of each page allowing an easy return to an earlier version if needed.

Some of the interesting bits...

  • A blog (announcements template) page to update readers on events and stories - the best part is a Google gadget was utilized to display recent announcements on the home page with links back to the blog

  • The Contact Us page uses a web form - this is an interface between the web page used for data entry and a Google spreadsheet - when the inquirer selects the Submit button, the data is integrated directly into spreadsheet and an e-mail is sent - no need for re-keying data!

  • YouTube videos are a snap to integrate directly into the website

  • A Google gadget iframe was utilized to display Google's various apps, docs, and mail blogs into the Zingodia Systems website